Construction is not the only part, where your dream becomes a reality. It is preceded by a lot of design, engineering and documentation work. Let us worry about these as we arrange design work of various assignments for the elaboration of construction documentation of various stages – from the study to the actual construction.

Design and engineering work contains:

  • budgets and construction preparation
  • design and architectural studies of new buildings or reconstructions
  • project for land and construction management
  • author’s, construction and technical supervision
  • construction certification

Construction certification

We offer the elaboration of a quality passport – construction documentation that corresponds to the actual condition of the construction and is verified by the building authority. The passport will be useful for you especially at the time of reconstruction, when the passport serves as a basis for a building modification project, or if you decide to sell your property. From the passport, the person interested in the purchase will read the basic parameters, such as dimensions, overall layout and division of the house. If you decide to rent your space, you should also include it in your lease.

Land and construction management project

This type of documentation is processed to the necessary extent for the assessment of the construction in the zoning procedure. The result of this procedure is a decision issued on the location of the building. On the basis of this decision, it is practically no longer possible that a construction could not be permitted in a subsequent construction procedure for any reason.


Project documentation is an essential part of every implemented project. Thanks to our many years of experience with the optimization of individual processes, we will prepare all the necessary documents for you, such as budgets, studies, construction preparation, certification and more.

We will help you to obtain the opinion of the relevant authorities and network administrators within the framework of the zoning procedure and the building permit. Our team also provides professional consulting services associated with the preparation of constructions. Fidem design will take care of the smooth running of the construction procedure. We will achieve your intention until the approval of the successfully completed project. Reconstruction will be a joyful affair for you without worries.

We will help you with your project