Our Projects

WORDS can lie, but DEEDS always tell the truth. Take a look at our latest projects and see for yourself.

Latest projects

Espace sport store

Complex construction of store Espace store (Under Armour & Puma) including the store equipment.

IQOS store Slovanský dům Prague

Full construction as a general supplier in coordination with international suppliers of components.

Planetarium Vsetín

Design of procurement issued by Zlínský kraj of new Vsetín planetarium.

House Prague Vlnitá

Technical supervision of construction and construction of the house interior (pavement, tiling…)

Kolovna Brno Olympia

Complex construction of the commercial space.

Under Armour OC Nový Smíchov

Working as a general supplier of Under Armour stores in Czech Republic we take care of project management, construction and supply of equipment, documentation and engineering.

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